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Water Features

Water Features

Serving the Greater Houston Area

Pond Filtration Supplies

Backyard Ecosystem Fish Pond Kits, Goldfish Ponds, Koi Ponds, Supplies & Installation Products

WIM Supply in Houston, Texas (TX) sells complete pond installation kits, their design helps take the guesswork out of trying to assemble the perfect combination of equipment and liner to create a stunning water garden. The only things missing in these kits are rocks, plants and a little imagination.

Pond Filtration System Kits

  • Our Pond Installation Kits save you time and money by avoiding costly
    mismatching and multiple trips to the store
  • Skimmer, Filter, pump and accessories are designed to work
    together to eliminate any guesswork
  • Energy efficient pumps keep operating costs under control
  • LED lighting can be added to extend
    the enjoyment of the water feature into the evening

Pond Pumps & Plumbing

All Water Features Need A Pump Of Some Kind To Achieve A Desired Effect

WIM Supply in Houston, Texas (TX) sells external pond pumps, submersible pond pumps, and fountain pumps. They have any pump that may be needed for all of your water garden needs. We hope to educate you on more about our full line of pumps we carry at our wholesale store, for ponds and water features and help select the pond pump that’s right for you. Give us a call to discuss which pump is right for your application, our educated team members can guide you through the benefits and uses of all of the pumps that we carry.

Waterfall Pumps

(available in many different flow rates from small to large)

Pumps that are specifically designed to create waterfalls and streams in Water Garden and Disappearing waterfalls (Pondless waterfalls) applications.

Disappearing Waterfalls

Disappearing (Pondless) Waterfall Kits... ​Take The Guess Work Out Of Building Your Own Waterfall!

If you ask us, at WIM Supply in Houston, Texas (TX), one of the most popular water feature options across the country is the Disappearing (Pondless) Waterfall. This is an ideal option for consumers that want the sights and sounds of water without having a traditional pond or water garden. This style of water feature is an ideal option for consumers with space constraints, small children or municipality restrictions.

Available in many different sizes

  • Kits come complete, right down to PVC glue, thread sealant and fittings, to eliminate guesswork and material runs, saving you time and money
  • Vaults and Spillways are matched to energy efficient pumps to keep operating costs low
  • Properly equipped for optimum streambed length and reservoir capacity to ensure your water feature works as designed
  • Includes complete installation kit including fittings, thread sealant and PVC glue

Landscape Fountain Supplies

Got a spot in your garden leaving you befuddled about what to put there?

Maybe it’s a shady spot where grass struggles to grow. Perhaps the soil isn’t the best for nurturing healthy perennials and annuals. Or maybe you’re just interested in attracting a few more birds and butterflies to that location in your Houston, Texas area yard.

Why not add a small Bubbling Landscape fountain to that odd spot of your garden? It doesn’t matter if it’s shady or sunny, or whether the soil is acidic or not. A small Bubbling Fountain can be a great addition to your landscape … even if you already have a pond in your yard!

Bubbling Fountains

Bubbling Garden Fountains can easily be installed within just a few hours if you like to tackle home projects on your own, or you can hire a Professional Contractor to do the job for you. There are a wide variety of decorative pieces can be used, from ceramic urns to brass sculptures to carved stone structures. Manufacturers add new decorative options each year, so check with WIM Supply in the Houston, Texas area, to see what's new & available.


Urns & Larger Fountainscapes These larger water features are typically set atop an underground reservoir that keeps re-circulating the water. Once the urn fills with water, the water spills out and over into the underground basin, which pumps the water back up through the fountains. Adding aquatic plants, boulders, and other decorative pieces adds to the overall design.

Container Patio Ponds

A container water garden can be created using virtually any type of container ... as long as it has the ability to hold water. An old claw foot tub, a galvanized bucket, your favorite terra cotta pot, or an old whiskey barrel all make great containers for your new water garden! Once you've chosen the container, you need to make sure it will hold water. Make sure the sealant you use is tested and safe for plants and fish. ​

Underwater Lighting

Submersible Pond Low Voltage LED ​Lighting Wholesale Products & Supplies

 WIM Supply sells contractors the newest component fixtures that feature a Durable high-impact housing and replaceable diode assembly for long service life, in the Houston, Texas (TX) area. LED garden and pond lighting can be used fully submersed, or in traditional landscapes.

Underwater LED Lighting

  • LED Lighting extends your enjoyment of your, Houston, TX area, landscape or waterscape into the evening
  • Underwater LED spotlight casts a focused light in a variety of colors
  • Suitable for use in and out of the water
  • LED Lights are energy efficient
  • May be wired into existing low voltage lighting systems
  • Ideal for illuminating fountains, ponds and landscapes
  • There are many different sizes and shapes that can be used for just about any function you can dream of.
  • From LED light rings to underwater pond lights to large, formal water feature LED lights to color changing LED – we have a lighting solution for nearly every underwater application!

Lighting Transformers

  • Transformers provide dependable low voltage AC current to LED Lighting Systems
  • Solid state Transformers are fully weatherproof for worry-free outdoor installations
  • Transformers can have a built-in photocell with light sensor and timer to turn on at dusk and off at dawn or after 4, 6 or 8 hours of operation



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